Your Best Days Are in Front of You

“Through Nietzsche, I discovered amor fati. I just fell in love with the concept because the power that you can have in life of accepting your fate is so immense that it’s almost hard to fathom. You feel that everything happens for a purpose, and that it is up to you to make this purpose something positive and active.”

Robert Greene – interview with Daily Stoic

The best songs haven’t been written yet, and the best stories are yet to be told.

And you might not believe this, but all your best days are in front of you. Or at least, they could be, if you would only believe it.

The future won’t be perfect. Far from it. Most things won’t go the way you think they will, or the way you want them to. There’s no guarantee that Life won’t dump steaming pile after steaming pile of shit all over you. It’s out of your hands.

But you know what’s in your hands? The story you tell yourself about it.

Whatever comes next, you can decide in advance to love it. To make use of it. To let it shape you into a better person. Amor Fati. Love fate.

Your best days are in front of you, if you let them be.

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