More Than Just Your Lips and Teeth

It’s one thing to smugly say the words “If I had to, I could definitely give up drinking,” and another thing completely to actually abstain for six weeks.

It’s one thing to parrot the words “Life is short,” and another thing completely to sit down and work out how just many Christmases you probably have left on this planet.

It’s one thing to say the words “My family is the most important thing in my life,” and another to admit just how much of your time with them is spent staring at your phone.

Words are great for describing the world you wish you could live in. But if you actually want to move closer to that world, it will take more than just your lips and teeth to get you there.

It will take your whole body.

The only relationship between work and chatter is that one kills the other.

Let the others slap each other on the back while you’re back in the lab or the gym or pounding the pavement. Plug that hole – that one, right in the middle of your face – that can drain you of your vital life force. Watch what happens. Watch how much better you get.

Ryan Holiday – “Ego is the Enemy”

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