Let Yourself Wallow

Yes, it’s shit. Nobody’s saying you have to pretend it isn’t. Wallow away. I know I will.

But know this: at a certain point, wallowing stops working. And it actually just makes everything worse. Because now you’re not just dealing with a shitty situation, you’re letting it define you. You’re letting it rob you of your power. You’re letting it drag you down.

My solution is this: let yourself wallow. I mean… really wallow. Get it all out of your system. Own it. But – and this is the important part – put a timer on it. And when wallowing time is over, get busy.

Tell yourself: “Yes, it’s shit. No point pretending it isn’t. But I’ve wallowed, and now I have work to do. I am going to find a way to turn this shit into sugar. Or at least into slightly less shit.”

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