Life’ll Kill Ya

From the President of the United States
To the lowliest rock and roll star
The doctor is in and he’ll see you now
He don’t care who you are
Some get the awful, awful diseases
Some get the knife, some get the gun
Some get to die in their sleep
At the age of a hundred and one

Warren Zevon – “Life’ll Kill Ya”

It’s the only guarantee there is. It’s the only thing you can’t run from. So stop trying to. Accept it. Live with it. Love it.

And whilst you’re waiting to die, share your gifts with the world. Whatever they are, and in whatever way you can.

That’s what you were put here to do. Not to hoard wealth. Not to be a law-abiding citizen. Not to serve the bullshit country you happened to be born in.

You’re here to give of yourself, and then to die. One you have a say in, one you don’t.

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