Episode 3: Who is Conor Houston jealous of?

After two incredibly self-indulgent solo episodes, I finally have a guest.

It’s none other than Conor Houston, a man who has gone from being a complete stranger to a best friend over the past three years or so.

Last Saturday, we set up microphones in my loft and we chatted for almost two hours. “We can edit it down,” I thought, but then when I listened back I realised it was all pretty good. So I’ve chopped it into 5 pieces, and that’s the next 5 episodes of the podcast.

Highlights from this episode:

  • How to pronounce Conor’s name
  • Mrs Poo
  • Conor’s only memory of his History GCSE is watching Simon Pegg in “Run Fatboy Run”
  • Conor was put into bottom set GCSE Maths in attempt by the teachers to help the other kids catch up – without his knowledge
  • Oliver leaves for a few minutes to go to the toilet
  • Oliver asks Conor: “Who are you jealous of?”
  • Oliver asks Conor: “What’s your favourite thing about me?”

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