I’m fitting a lot into my days at the moment.

I got up at 7 and walked down to the gym. Did all that Schwarzenegger shit.

I came home, made scrambled eggs on a toasted hot dog roll. I had a shower.

I busked outside Mothercare for three hours or so, then wandered down to Bank Street and wrote five songs.

Came home again and did an email interview with The Busking Project.

This must be how most people live. I can’t say I care for it.

I’m on 20 songs now. God knows if any of them are any good, but as I keep banging on and on and on and on about… who cares? Literally nobody.

On the way home I listened to Leonard Cohen’s new song. You Want It Darker. It frightened me.

Today I wrote a song. Then I went to the toilet. When I came back a lady was changing her baby’s nappy on the sofa in the little room I’ve made my office.

I asked how old he was. 2 months. I wonder if he’ll have done anything with his life by the time he’s 25.

She changed him and he seemed more cheerful for it.

I’m looking forward to taking the weekend off. That’s a good feeling. I like to earn my weekends. Else I don’t enjoy them.

I’m too tired to write any more today. I’d like some wine.