I’m getting into it now. I’m on 10 songs. Can’t get lazy though. Now I have a precedent — I can’t go back.

It’s really strange to sit down, strum my guitar for a couple of minutes until I latch onto something I like, and then try and stick some lyrics onto it.

But what’s strangest is how these things seem to just turn themselves into songs whilst you sit there watching. Whole narratives emerge, just by putting pen to paper.

Like the one “Hey, Little Dreamer” that I wrote today. I started off with the title, and a sweet little C-Em-F-G progression.

At the start of the verse, I’m just asking her what’s on her mind. By the end of the same verse we find out that the doctor says she’s only got one day. What? Why? (This is what I was thinking, pen in my hand.)

In the second verse we find out that she’s been getting bullied.

I forget what happened in the third verse.

In the fourth, she’s dead, and I, the narrator, really miss her.

In the fifth, I’ve met somebody else, but I still can’t forget her.

In the last verse, I’ve decided to kill myself to join her in heaven.

It was a hell of a ride to watch that one unfold, and it’s not finished (some really shitty, embarrassing rhymes) and it might never see the light of day.

But it’s really, really fun to start with nothing and end up with something like that. Especially five of them a day.

It’s better for the world to write five songs a day than to eat five fruits and vegetables. Songs aren’t sprayed with pesticides.

Rocking the double denim outside Mothercare today

I went busking today. I played outside Mothercare. I got abused verbally twice, but I don’t know if it counts when you can’t tell what the abuser is saying because they don’t have any teeth.

I need to learn some new songs. I’m sick of every Cat Stevens song I know how to play, except for The Wind. Can’t Keep It In came on when I was waiting for the bus. Why did I never learn that one?

Or Knowing Me, Knowing You. Or Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right. Or Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

I’ll get round to it. But not tonight. I just went to watch Bridget Jones and then I ate a pasta tuna bake. I eat fish now.