I took the weekend off. I think that’s what I’ll do until the album is written. The Abrahamic religions all advocate a weekly day of rest, and since I like to pick and choose which bits of religion suit me personally, I think I’ll give myself two days.

And then I wrote five songs today. It’s all part of my four week campaign, the one I decided to embark on at the end of a fairly fruitless last week.

If I was a sculptor, but then again, no… No, seriously, if I was a sculptor, I’d start off with a big lump of marble. And if I was trying to create a sheep swallowing a scorpion, I’d chisel away at everything that wasn’t a sheep swallowing a scorpion until the job was done.

Alas, I am not sculpting a sheep swallowing a scorpion. I’m writing an album. But the same principle applies, I just have to apply it differently.

For one, I can’t just go and buy my big lump of marble — I have to write it myself.

And my four week campaign is to write five songs each day for the next four weeks (sans weekends — I cannot stress the importance of a Sabbath.)

Sure, it sounds heroic and prolific, but I’m talking first drafts of songs. They’re really not good at this stage. But it’s: Have I written about a page of A4? Yes. Can I record a dirty 3 minute version onto my phone? Yes. Okay, job done. Move on to the next one.

It ends up not taking about half an hour to get that first draft — I don’t allow myself time to reflect. I have more songs to write.

I should end up with 100 songs, give or take. That’s my big lump of marble. Within those 100 songs can be found the raw materials to make the 10–15 songs that will be the album.

I’m not saying I won’t change my mind again.