I gave up after my guitar case blew away for third time.

I was playing outside the Yorkshire Bank on the corner of Fargate and Surrey Street. I have never enjoyed playing there.

I don’t feel good when I play at that end of Fargate. There are just as many people, but I feel invisible and inaudible. I feel no vibe with any of them.

When I’m further down Fargate, or when I’m outside Mothercare, or when I’m on Surrey Street, I feel a real connection with the people and the buildings — there’s an atmosphere. Not there. And I have no idea why.

The wind was shaking my microphone stand, my guitar case flew into me, and you couldn’t hear my vocals because the microphone picked up just as much wind as voice. I played “Your Song”, “Dirty Life and Times”, “Feelin’ Groovy”, and I think that was about it.

I didn’t feel bad — I had a good time playing at the coffee morning at Bank Street Arts this morning, and then I went and wrote my five songs for the day. The total is 45 now.

For the first time since I started writing this album, I got into it. I was actually pretty fond of the five tunes I wrote today.

Because I’ve honestly not given it a thought — I wanted to focus so much on quantity and so little on quality in order that I would be pleasantly surprised if (not when) I ending up liking some of what I came up with.

Perhaps I’ve hit a fork in the road. Perhaps I’ve unlocked something. Or perhaps I just got lucky today.

I’m taking the day off tomorrow because I have a physio appointment. You’re supposed to grow out of walking on your toes around age 3 — I never did and I’m paying for it now. Let’s see what happens.

But I’ll be back on Saturday to finish off this third week.