Jeremy Corbyn got re-elected. RE-elected. That’s how unelectable the first politician deserving of his job title in my lifetime really is. Good for you, Jeremy.

And I was back in Bank Street Arts this afternoon, churning out another five songs. We’re on 30 now.

I brought in my blue acoustic guitar today. It was a gift from my parents for my 12th birthday. All those years ago.

I definitely write different songs on the blue acoustic than if I’m playing my orange electric, Mr Burns. That’s the kind of guitarist I am. I respond differently when it sounds different.

And I love the Burns. But it drives me crazy. It’s in and out of tune constantly. It was sold to me in a less than perfect state by an unscrupulous Welshman who has a shop on Ecclesall Road, and worked upon by no fewer than three reputable luthiers, each of whom told me they had got it as good as they could, but that it’ll never be perfect.

When it’s in tune, it sounds gorgeous. It sounds perfect. And my friend’s step-dad’s friend John did an incredible set-up job on it for me, so at least it plays like a dream. It’s the nicest guitar to play that I can remember playing in my life. And all he wanted for it was a bottle of Jack Daniel’s honey.

It just won’t stay in tune.

I chatted to Andrew and Tom from Bank Street Arts today, before all those songs came out of me. We spoke of the future, near and far.

I’ll be playing a set at the coffee morning at Bank Street Arts this Thursday, from 11 til 12. Pop in if you’re in town. Sneak out for an early lunch break. I won’t be playing new material, but I’ll be playing the old material in a new place, if that counts.

We were also talking about me putting out a Christmas single. A bit like when The Beatles were recording Sgt Pepper, they put out Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane as a double A side to keep their fans satiated.

Perhaps I’ll do something like that. It might even be Christmas themed. But that’s a promise I don’t want to make.